March 23, 2020

DJ JayDee-Dance Generation Mix Vol.18

Hi guys! I know it is very difficult time for all of us 
and that most of us are staying home now.
That's why I got something for you  to make your day a little brighter. 
Take care everyone! 
Stay healthy! 

February 15, 2020

DJ JayDee-Dance Generation Mix Vol.17

This is small gift for you guys , enjoy ;)

you can download mix here

Download MIX / Pobierz MIX

January 30, 2020

DJ JayDee-Dance Generation Mix Vol.16

I would like to say " It's Time To Dance " ;)
Newest Dance Generation Mix ready to go !!!
Check This Out 

November 20, 2019

DJ JayDee-Dance Generation Mix VOL.15

Hi there , lots of you were asking me about music I play few years ago :)
So today is the day , are you ready  ?!!
This is my DEJA VU

October 24, 2019

DJ JayDee-DanceGeneration MIx Vol.14

Hey guys its time for another Dance Generation Mix 
This time #14 , are you ready ?
Lets GO !!!